On the dunes of the golden country
Royal holiday in the Kingdom of Morocco
  • 8 amazing days in the farthest country of sunny sunset*
  • hundreds of WOW photos in breathtaking locations
  • new acquaintances with like-minded people
  • bright emotions for the year ahead
One of the names of the Kingdom of Morocco is the Golden Country. Those who have been there at least once can confirm that the name is fully justified.
Arriving here, there is a feeling as if you find yourself in an oriental fairy tale. The air is saturated with strong coffee and fragrant spices. There are palaces and mosques around here, the walls of which have "seen" harsh sultans and beautiful harems. And the ancient cities are ready to reveal interesting stories to inquisitive travelers.

Arab, French and Berber cultures seem to mix here in a spicy cocktail. It turned out to be something exotic and colorful that you want to look at again and again, try to touch, taste and smell.

We invite you on a journey through the amazing places of the Kingdom of Morocco, after which you will return with a full baggage of emotions, cool photos and new friends.
You can only collect the best emotions, experiences and impressions!
Accommodation in a proven comfortable hotel in 2-bed rooms with all amenities. Upon request, we can arrange 3-bed accommodation for you.
You don't need any special training to participate in the tour.
We walk around the sights at a calm pace, often make photo stops.

You will travel between locations in a comfortable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus.
An experienced guide will support you if you need help.
We will meet you at the Casablanca airport.

First, we will take you to the hotel so that you can place your belongings and have a little rest after the flight.

We'll then head to a welcoming dinner. You will get acquainted with the guide and other participants of the trip, tune in to a memorable vacation and try local cuisine.

Free program in the evening. There will be an opportunity to walk around the most European of the eastern cities. We recommend taking a stroll to Mohammed V Square. This is the main square of the city, surrounded by interesting sights: the clock tower, the building of the General Post Office and the Supreme Court, as well as the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral.

Here you will definitely experience the vibe of Casablanca, join the rest together with locals and tourists from all over the globe.

Welcome to Casablanca
To begin with, we will need to get a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. And then we will head to Marrakesh.

You will walk through the Majorelle Garden, which was created by the French artist and plant collector Jacques Majorelle. The garden is so beautiful that fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent bequeathed to scatter his ashes here. Next, we will go to the museum of the famous couturier, which is located nearby.

Inspired by the views of the garden, we go for a walk along the medina, as the ancient part of the city in Africa is called. We will definitely go to the market, as this is the greatest spot to soak up the atmosphere of an oriental tale.

We will go to Jemaa al-Fna Square, where the never-ending Berber carnival takes place, complete with people, animals, birds, snakes, music, dances, acrobats, jugglers and merchants. Such diversity is rare.

In the evening you will have free time so that everyone can choose a location based on their preferences. You may visit the magnificent monuments of Arab architecture. Or delve into traditional cuisine in one of the hundreds of colorful cafes.

Heart of the East – spectacular Marrakesh
We will head to Moroccan Hollywood – the city of Ouarzazate.

On the way, we will visit the incredible oasis city of Ait Benhaddou, standing in the middle of the desert. You will see old houses built of clay and straw, walk along the streets of the city, and experience an amazing feeling that you have become a time traveler and have been transported hundreds of years ago.

Climb to the highest point of the fortress and you will freeze in admiration of the opened panorama. Just imagine the bright blue sky, the endless yellow desert and the emerald gardens around the city spread out before your feet.

After lunch at the fortress, we will drive to the Atlas studio. It was here that the Clone, Gladiator, Game of Thrones and more than 50 other films about Egypt, Persia, Israel, Tibet and even Mars were filmed. We bet that you have never visited so many countries in just a couple of hours. Gigabytes of stunning photos guaranteed!

Overnight in beautiful Ouarzazate.

Visit Jade and Daenerys
Today you will encounter the world's hottest desert.

But first we will visit the village of Merzouga. It is believed that this is where the real Sahara begins. We shift to jeeps and travel far into the desert.

We will change from jeeps to camels. You will feel like a real Berber in a friendly caravan conquering the endless sandy ocean. The ships of the desert will take you to see off the sunset. This is a sight that you will remember for a lifetime.

This evening you will live in Berber tents. An ecstatically delicious dinner awaits you, as well as dancing by the fire to Moroccan drums. If possible, try snowboarding off the dunes.

And an endless starry sky will stretch overhead.
Astronomers believe that the desert is the best place to observe the constellations.

This is an adventure you will want to tell your grandkids about many years from now.

Under the starry desert sky
We meet the dawn and say goodbye to the Sahara. Today we are going to the thousand-year-old Fez – the oldest of the four cities of Morocco, which looks like a huge medieval open-air museum.

But first, we will visit Ifrane, also known as the Moroccan Switzerland. Indeed, the city has a traditional European look. Here you can easily forget that you are in Africa.

We will drive through one of the largest cedar forests in the world. If we are lucky, we will meet cute barbarian monkeys and hand feed them.

We will be in Fes in the evening. We will check into the hotel and have dinner. You will have some free time after the road, or vice versa, to get to know the city, which was founded over 1200 years ago.
European Africa
Time travel in the city of artisans
After breakfast, we will go on a sightseeing tour of Fes. You will climb the walls of the Borj Nord fortress. From here, a breathtaking landscape opens up.

Visit an ancient ceramic and mosaic workshop of Nezha Art. You will witness how skilled craftsmen turn nondescript clay into a real work of art.

Get inspired by the beauty of the picturesque walls of the royal palace. They are already over 700 years old, but they still impress with the sophistication of patterns and the brightness of colors.

The royal family lives in the palace, therefore the entrance for tourists and local residents is closed. But this will not prevent you from admiring the bizarre ornaments of the painted walls and taking amazing photos.

Then we will go for a walk through the labyrinths of ancient streets. This is a real center of artisans, where leather production, pottery and weaving using medieval technologies will flourish.

You can buy spectacular souvenirs at the local market. Just remember to haggle!

Where the Bluebird of happiness lives!
We will go to the amazing Chefchaouen right after the breakfast.

The city is called the "Blue Pearl" for a reason. All houses and even many roads of this city are painted with different shades of blue paint.

We will conduct a detailed tour of the ancient streets for you. Founded in the 15th century, the fortress city was closed to non-Christians until the 20th century. Only Jews and Muslims lived here, but now all paths are open to you.

Don't put away your camera! Every wall here looks like a painting and you will most likely want to keep this beauty not only in memory, but also on your screen. Take a lot of bright and unusual photos that will definitely impress your followers on social networks.

One of the most beautiful places in Chefchaouen is the source of Ras el Ma, which feeds the entire city with water. Crystal clear water flows straight from the mountains.

Climb to the observation deck, where a panoramic picture of the city unfolds.

In the afternoon we return to Casablanca.

Day 7
We don't say goodbye
In the morning we will go on a tour of the Hassan II Mosque – it is included in the list of the largest mosques in the world. Openwork architecture conquers with grace. Despite being enormous, the building looks airy and light.

The mosque stands on the embankment of the Atlantic Ocean. First, we will admire the coast from a giant glass hall with a capacity of 25,000 people! And then, we will go breathe in the ocean and touch its waves.

This is the final day of the program. But we won't say goodbye! Because after such a voyage, each of the participants will become a little more than just a fellow traveler to the other.

In the afternoon we will take you to the airport and say "See you again"!
During your vacation, you will visit 6 different hotels with a total rating on the Booking of 8.0
* The hotel may change to another with a rating above 8.1 on Booking.com
Hotel in Casablanca
Rating on Booking — 8.7
Riad in Chefchaouen
Rating on Booking — 9.4

Riad in Fez
Rating on Booking 8,6
Camping in Merzuga (Sahara)
Rating on Booking — 8.0
Riad in Ait Ben Haddu
Rating on Booking — 9.5
Hotel in Marrakech
Rating on Booking — 8.5
Additionally, you will need no more than 200-300 euros, including the cost of souvenirs
The cost of meals in restaurants:
8-10 €
8 €
Bistilla (pastilla)
2,5 €
Kaab el ghzal
12 €
— because we do author tours both for family and friends, but there are a couple more reasons:
If you are a vegetarian, a raw food eater or you need to follow a special diet — we will help you choose the best of the local cuisine according to your preference.
All the delights of local cuisine with respect to everyone's choice
TeamTravel guides are people who have a genuine love for this direction. They will show you the whole flavor of the country, not a picture for tourists. You will feel the whole soul of this region!
Full immersion in the environment
You will rest, and not waste time searching for a car to the airport. We will meet you at the airport on the day of arrival and escort you back on the day of departure.
Transfers and fuel fee included
Not a single trip from TeamTravel has been postponed or canceled for any reason of ours. You can be sure that edits in your personal schedule will not be required.
Secure booking with a wide choice of dates
Author's route and 24/7 support
We develop the route of each direction independently.
We love what we do and prioritize the quality of travel.
After each trip, we conduct a survey, find out from each guest how comfortable he was, what he liked, and what would be worth improving. Based on general statistics, we improve the program every time.
Continuous improvement of travel since 2016
We have already visited hotels and were convinced of the quality of service and comfort. Log in to Booking – all photos correspond to reality, the accommodation has at least 8 stars according to those who have already been there.
Housing in which you want to live
Regular price
€ 1590
€ 1290
Special price
Secure booking
€300 for booking a place in a group
What is included?
Transfer from the airport (if arrival at the recommended time) and to the airport
Hearty breakfasts made from fresh products are already included in the price. Lunches on the route in a cafe with stunning views. We will have dinner at a hotel or cafe. You can try local dishes or choose the usual European menu.
You will be taken to the most beautiful and inspiring places in Morocco
Additionally paid:
Flights to Kosoblanka and back
Meals outside the program
If the destination is closed due to an epidemiological situation, your booking will be postponed to any next date of the tour. We are always for you to be able to book a tour without risks and calmly look forward to traveling with us.
All movements between locations on a comfortable minibus
You will conquer the hottest desert in the world
You will admire the beauty of Fez from the height of the fortress walls
You will be surprised by the height of the Hassan II Mosque
You will hand feed the barbary monkeys
You will touch the Atlantic Ocean
Fuel collection
Your soul will be filled with peace and tranquility in the Blue City of Chefchaouen
You will get acquainted with the ancient technology of mosaic creation
You will feel like a real Berber crossing the desert on a camel
You will be mesmerized from the breathtaking beauty of the starry sky
You will walk through the places where Zhadi from the Clone series walked, and also look at the horizon from the point where Daenerys Stormborn from the Game of Thrones stood
You will breathe in the scent of the beautiful Majorelle Gardenе
You will take hundreds of cool photos in the most beautiful locations in the country
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